Your adventure awaits

How do RV rentals work?

  • Select your dream destination or Campground

  • Choose one of our RV rentals

  • Decide if you want the RV delivered to a campsite, to your doorstep, or if you will be driving it to your destination.

             * Additional fees apply for deliveries

  • Reserve your RV 

  • Prepare, explore, and make memories with the people you love

What is included with every rental?

  • 2 camping chairs

  • 24/7 Roadside assistance

  • RV training 

  • Stocked kitchen for four including a Keurig & toaster

  • Clean and sanitized RV before your trip

  • Complimentary parking in a secure and gated lot if driving an RV from our lot.

Type of RV's 

Class A

No special license required 

Looks like a bus

Up to 45ft

Built in generator

Luxury, more space & storage

Sleeps 6 to 10 people

Can be driven or delivered

Class C

No special license required

Size: 25ft to 34ft

Easy to drive

Built in generator

Perfect for families

Fits in most campgrounds

Sleeps 6 to 8 

Can be driven or delivered

Great for long getaways

Travel Trailer

No special license required


No motor

Must have vehicle to tow 

No generator


sleeping capacity varies

Can be towed or delivered

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